Biography- Stars in Your Eyes Matchmaker

Amber Walker

Amber WalkerI had my twenty-eighth birthday, and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was an astrologer, but didn’t want to just do charts. I had often fantasized about doing an Astrological dating service, but didn’t have a clue how to do it. Then one day in church, I wasn’t really listening to the minister, I was just sort of in the “zone” and all of a sudden I was practically knocked off the pew, and I thought, NOW IS THE TME! I had one thousand dollars to my name. I pondered; do I get a place to live, (first and last deposit) and immediately look for a job, or do I go for it?

I went for it. I got a lovely office in S.B. and started roller-skating behind all the bars, putting flyers on cars. It was the eighties, so it was all about the bar scene then. Anyway, I made it grow into a lucrative business. I had parties, picnics, boat cruises, and even counseled the men and women about their dating experiences. I loved it! I can honestly say I was way before my time.

I’ve had many years experience doing “relationship” horoscopes, and matching compatible couples together. I’ve always called it “The Divine Art of Astrological Coupling.” It has been proven to me over and over that it works.

What I do is a birth chart on all my clients, and I even give a copy to each one, to give them a chance to understand themselves, and what is important to them in a relationship. I also have them do a questionnaire, which helps me understand what they’re looking for. I, of course take pictures of everyone, so that the pictures are current. Then I look through my database to see who is compatible. It’s as simple as that. I have both parties contact each other and expect a detailed description of the date, as well as their opinions of the person they met.

I provide dating advice for everyone. Sometimes people are clueless on how to act. Whether it’s a man or woman. I want them to have a special experience. I want the meeting to be authentic. They need to consider the match an opportunity to be themselves. I provide real relationship opportunities to real people. I want magic to happen. I think that the more time and effort a person puts into this experience, the experience becomes extraordinary.

I’m a Cancer woman (sun sign) with a passion to nurture the world. I’m a natural matchmaker (Libra ascendant) and I’m often called a “cock-eyed optimist.” I want people to be happy. I want them to find their soul mate. But it takes time. It’s not an immediate payoff. I have to find the “right” person for each, but until I do, I will provide compatible people for them to meet, and befriend. I’ve often wanted to call this service I do “an astrological friendship service.” We all need people we can talk to, and have fun with. We need each other, that’s a given.

I know people can sit at their computers, make profiles, pay a fee, and peruse all the “faces” that are there, hoping to be attracted to someone’s face, and then personality. It’s really no different than the bar scene. When we go there, we peruse the crowd for the face we’re attracted to. Then comes the real work. Well, I think that is all good, but I just take it to another level. I do the work for you. Not some program that is just putting up thousands of pictures and never really matchmaking anyone. Just nameless faces on the screen. They could be anyone. They could even have a criminal record. I do background checks on everyone. I want to know each member intimately. I want to know where they live, and if they’re married they are out, if they have a criminal record, they’re out, if they just came to town, looking for an escort service, they’re out. Again, real relationships for real people.

Aren’t you curious?