Astrological Forecast January 2015

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Blog

January 2015 Horoscope

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Stars in Your Eyes astrological blog in twenty fifteen.  My name is Amber Walker and I’m going to share with you some thoughts about the New Year in general, and then the month of January in particular. I’ll be doing a blog each month, in hopes that it will give you a window into some of the astrological events, and how they relate to our lives.

What’s new in 2015? Saturn’s shift from the secretive and intense Scorpio to freedom loving, optimistic Sagittarius! (As of December 23rd) which sings out “EXPANSION.” We need to increase knowledge (educate ourselves) our spirituality (whatever that looks like to you) and work harder to be global citizens (perhaps travel more and see how others live).

The shift from Scorpio to Sag is like coming out of the cavern and seeing a bright and glorious world out there; a land of adventure and opportunity. Saturn in Sag wants you to come out of the darkness, illuminate your vision and take responsibility for bringing it into reality! As Emily T. says “What would it look like to become the biggest, most bad-ass version of your true self?”

We also are deeply affected by the Uranus-Pluto square, which is in no way comfortable, and is asking you to break free from the old emotional and psychological patterns, that keeps you stuck in the past repeating old habits. You need to change your emotional ties to safety, security and comfort; relax your defenses, get out of your own way, and unlock your creative imagination.

January’s Horoscope

With the Sun’s entrance into Aquarius on January 20, immediately followed by a new Moon, (also in Aquarius), conjoin to offer all of us a fresh start. Just make sure you wait to make any important decisions, since Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius on January 21!

January 19: Mars conjuncts Neptune
This can be an inspiring conjunction but mostly impractical; which can either help you or hold you back. Sometimes, too much dreaming and not enough action can keep you from moving forward. If you use these planets energies to invest in your goals, life will take you in unexpected and lucrative directions. However, if you focus on fantasies — things you’d like to see happen, but aren’t prepared to put in the effort to properly pursue, you may not get much done. This is an aspect of manifestation, if you know how to use it. Action, imagination, and working hard, if you want to see the best results!

January 20: The Sun enters Aquarius and New Moon in Aquarius
Aquarius is the sign that most enjoys collaborating with others, making this a wonderful time to get together with friends, join organizations, or go to parties and other events. The new Moon, aside from giving you a fresh start with original ideas, marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. We move from the year of the Horse to the year of the Sheep. This is a quieter and more temperate animal, so a kinder, gentler effort will bring about more advancement.  That said rash and bold ones will only hold you back. Use the energy of the New Moon to get off the couch (talking to myself here) start something, whether you plan a project, find new friends, or start a romantic relationship.

January 21: Mercury turns retrograde
I know what you’re thinking…another freaking Mercury Retrograde? Although Mercury reverses its motion only three times each year, it seems like only yesterday we just got through one.  Look on the  bright side, you’ve experienced the snafus associated with Mercury Retro many time in the past, and you’ll get through this one too.  This one (in Aquarius) brings (friends, hopes and wishes) into play. Use Mercury’s direction reversal by reviewing recent conversations with friends and groups plans, and the ideas they inspire. Delay important decisions until you’ve completed a thorough examination. If you need more information, find it. Once Mercury turns direct on February 11, you’ll hopefully be equipped with a clear head and can again move ahead.