Astrological Forecast Spring 2015

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in 29 degrees Pisces!

We ended March with a new moon whose rituals are perfect for planting new seeds and starting afresh. We’re essentially working on the blank canvas of the dark moon where our ideas can gestate in the new moon soil. But with an Eclipse, the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth therefore interrupting the flow of energy and causing disruption. It breaks our habitual behavior. I like to think of it as a cosmic reboot.

The Moon blots out the solar, left brain energy so the lunar right brain can take over. This makes the unconscious, conscious, like suddenly being aware that you are dreaming. The effect is like a lucid dream. During an eclipse we might get that feeling of sudden, shocking awareness, so we could do anything!! Sometimes this is so awesome that we don’t even know what to do, others even become fearful of their own power.

A Springtime Prayer

By George A Tyger

O’ power of springtime, Spirit of green grasses and warm breezes; Goddess of creativity of birth of life renewed You sing all about us at this time. The birds call your sacred name. Buds burst forth with your vestment. The sun reaches higher into the sky shining the light of this new day through the windows of your cathedral, this world. O power of springtime forgive us our speediness and our racing before your eternal grace that we do not see the myriad miracle world we share. Open our eyes with your warmth and our hearts with your beauty slow our minds with awe and wonder.

Dear Spirit of green grasses and warm breezes let us find here in these moment of quiet the grace of your breath as we breathe into our bodies the spirit of spring. AMEN

This lunar eclipse is a super wolf-howler for everyone.  It will do a great job of clearing and liberating things from our lives; that no longer serve our greater selves. The brilliant rays of the sun throw a spotlight on our unconscious, to uncover any issues within our principle relationships that have become worn-out. With the lunar eclipse the earth comes between the sun and the moon; sometimes called a “Blood Moon” because the sun turns the moon red. Depending on how things have gone in the last 6 months, (when the last new moon was in Libra) we can now see the fruit bud from the seeds we planted back then. But if life has been traumatic for us, putting too much weight on those little buds, we may experience a failure of those sprouts to blossom.

So depending on how this lunar eclipse is configured in your chart, and how you handle change in general it can be a cleansing healing time, or an uplifting time of rebirth. Those with fourteen degrees in Cardinal signs will be rocked by this eclipse. If you have been stubbornly resisting growth, then yes, you could experience this lunar eclipse as an intense time, but it really shouldn’t be dreaded so. Lunar eclipses are extremely emotional times, therefore we just really need to sit down quietly and listen to what comes up for us. Ball your eyes out if you have to, and allow red eyes with this blood red moon. Don’t fear the tears for they are sacred salty purification.

This lunar eclipse creates a T-square with Pluto that is likely to bring radical extremes to the surface through battles, devastation, and yes, transformation that can be as drastic as a hormonal change or a house burning down or as deeply meaningful as taking spiritual vows or having an epiphany that changes your entire Being.

Either way, the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus in Aries, and the Sun/Moon opposition squaring Pluto in Capricorn, will combine renovations of structures with a clarifying blast of revelation. As in “I may not like it, but I see exactly what I have to do now.” The Uranus/Pluto pressured Moon in Libra suggests dramatic swings between freedom and neediness, or detachment and control. Moon opposite Uranus can suddenly break away, while Moon square Pluto hangs on grimly. One or both may dominate, depending on your chart.




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