She Puts Amorous Stars in Your Eyes

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Articles

Portal Magazine, UCSB, by Bobbie Bell

Stars in Your Eyes: The Divine Art of Astrological Coupling. Special for Students! Aren’t you curious?

I had to admit it, I was curious. What had The Nexus come up with this time? Matches might be made in heaven – but by a matchmaker? Was Amber some kind of astral Ann Landers? Could a starry-eyed conjurer be running a computer dating service? Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places. But the ad intrigued me and warranted a phone call.
A few days later, there I was on the corner of Chapala and Micheltorena Streets, right outside Ambers office. I had to be crazy; after all, this was a sunny downtown Santa Barbara afternoon. Astrology might make sense on Halloween night at the fortune-tellers, but it surely couldn’t be put to use by the practical light of day.

But according to Amber Spiering, founder of “Stars in Your Eyes,” indeed it can. She began to study astrology nine years ago and was fascinated, “Astrology,” she maintains,” is one of the surest ways of finding yourself.” Now she’s using what she’s learned to help people find one another. “Stars in Your Eyes” offers both compatibility charting and astrologically – matched dating. The dating service is Amber’s own creation – the first of its kind. She opened for business two months ago with “a thousand dollars and a dream,” yet her clientele already numbers close to 100. She offers a money back guarantee, but no one has ever asked for a refund. Obviously she’s doing something right – something that goes beyond those daily horoscopes that invariably crop up in the backs of newspapers and magazines.

“The problem with common sun-sign astrology is the tendency to over generalize,” Amber explains. “The zodiac changes by one degree every four minutes, so everyone has a unique astrological makeup. The planets, moon and sun rule the signs, and the accepted mathematical view is that these controlling forces act as variables. We can assign values to the variables because, by watching them over time, we’ve determined the different ways in which they can affect people’s actions and personalities.”

This is where “Stars in Your Eyes” comes in, for the $50 student rate; Amber will “use the position of the planets when you were born, along with the position of the planets as they are now, to find you a kind of situation to make you happy.”

She puts her clients’ vital information – birth date, place, and time – into a computer which sends back guidelines for drawing up a birth chart. The chart is what Amber calls “a map of the heavens at the time you were born.” It yields your inherent personality characteristics. She then looks at the planets’ locations and orbital speeds. “I see how the heavens today interact with your basic natal chart, and thus determine your perfect mate.” She reviews her clientele, and if the ideal person is lurking in her files, you may well become a star-struck lover in a matter of days.

But finding perfection, even if it’s relative, generally does take longer, and while she can’t promise wedding bells, Amber dies guarantee “compatible people to be friends or lovers until the right one comes along.” Her clientele includes “a vast array of open-minded people from 18 to 80, from those who are into astrology to those who just want to make friends.

She insists that the timing be right and vows that she won’t set up anybody on the day the moon squares Saturn, “for it’s just not a good day to get out and enjoy.” She screens her clients carefully and hasn’t had a complaint yet.

“Stars in Your Eyes” also does compatibility charting for couples contemplating marriage, divorce, or who just want to satisfy their curiosity. For self-minded individuals and people who aren’t concerned with love or socializing at the moment, Amber will do an in-depth chart and reading for an additional fee.

She gave me this type of reading after spending a good deal of time analyzing my chart. After listening to her for a few minutes, I began to wonder who had clued her in behind my back. It must have been planets after all; she told me true things about myself that she had no way of knowing – if not through astrology.

Carl Jung, the eminent 20th century psychologist, wrote, “A wise man will rule his stars, and ignorant one will be ruled by them.” “Stars in Your Eyes” stresses this concept – that nothing is absolute. While the moon may command the tides, the planets aren’t running a dictatorship over helpless earthlings. “The astrologer’s creed is not to play God,” Amber explains, “but we can’t exist without the influences of creation. Astrology tells us when to take advantage of things. It’s a guideline to help us get in control of our natures. And I use it as a tool to help people bump into the right people.” Based on her own success, Amber predicts that within three months astrological and dating services will be popping up all over.

Who knows? Almost everyone has spent a lonely moment wishing on a star for Prince or Princess Charming, maybe we’ve been looking in the right direction all along. But our wishes might come true sooner if instead of sending them straight up to the stars we detoured them downtown to “Stars in Your Eyes.” After all, a match made in heaven is hard to beat.