Stars In Your Eyes Astrology

Astrology can reveal a whole new level of understanding between people simply by looking at their chart, and that of their partner. We offer Astrological Charts for Couples...

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The Art of Astrological Coupling

We match you according to your desires, as well as synastry, which is the art of relationship Astrology.

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Real Relationships for Real People

Founded thirty years ago in Santa Barbara, we’ve introduced hundreds of couples, and were responsible for many successful relationships.

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About Us

The Astrological Advantage

Matchmaking companies and online dating services are a dime a dozen now, but by joining Stars in Your Eyes, it’s like having your own personal astrologer. One who will match you according to your desires, as well as synastry – which is the divine art of astrological coupling.

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Matchmaking Services – Ventura – Santa Barbara Counties

Astrological Coupling

Founded thirty years ago in Santa Barbara, we’ve introduced hundreds of couples, and were responsible for many successful relationships. Stars in Your Eyes is now conveniently located in Ventura, California, but has clients from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.

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Ask Amber

Ask Your Questions, and I’ll Answer

I’ve been called everything from an “Astrological Ann Landers” to a “starry-eyed conjurer,” but I basically have one goal in mind; bringing Astrology back into the main stream of life.

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Many years ago I was looking for a way to meet people with common beliefs and common thoughts. I was introduced to Astrology and Amber and I discovered ways to meet people and a possible mate. We had a great experience with many social events and gatherings. I loved going to the events and meeting people I could have great laughs and talk with . I am so looking forward to experience astrological coupling with a new innovative twist.


When I met Amber last summer, I knew she and I would become fast friends. She has an innate sense for how to relate with people and is able to read your true essence. I am a highly sociable person, but had been unable to find a good match that really understood me; someone that would appreciate my qualities and support and encourage my journey without being needy or dependent or jealous.

So I signed up. Amber did my profile and spent a good deal of time explaining it to me. The match she set me up with was not someone I would have chosen for myself (but I was making wrong choices, so I figured why not?). From the moment our eyes locked, I knew there was a special connection there; something so familiar that I was taken aback. It was almost like she had conjured this man up from my dreams. We instantly hit it off and found a bond that gets closer every day. We are going on four months now and it just gets better! I feel for the first time that I have a partner that compliments and enhances my life. Amber, thank you! I am a huge fan and a forever friend!


When I first moved to Santa Barbara, a concerned friend thought I was not meeting quality men, so he offered to sign me up with a dating agency. ‘Stars in Your Eyes” looked the most interesting, so I went for it. What a fantastic experience! Before I met my steady boyfriend on the service, I had a blast meeting so many interesting, high-quality men that I’m sure I wouldn’t have met on my own. Being personally and astrologically matched made such a difference. I not only went on beautiful romantic cruises, and parties for members, I met great people, including the owner, Amber, who is still one of my closest friends. Open a branch in my locale, South Florida, please!

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